Sometimes it’s the approval of others


Sometimes it’s the approval of others that is what makes me ok for this.  I wake up some mornings feeling dirty.  My head spins to wrap itself around the fact that this is not a dream.  I have an STD.  Something that is not changing.  I feel ruined and dirty.  I feel like noone would want to touch me.  Its the response from others sometimes that mean the most to me.  Sometimes my mind is so weighed down by other issues and problems so when it comes to the HPV I feel like my mind can’t handle it and I feel in denial.  So when I’m hugged, kissed and loved it’s that breath that I need just when I feel like I can’t breath anymore.

So while we’re on the topic of approvals, ALOT of people are starting to read these blogs.  Which is exactly what I wanted.  I’m anxious to see what everyone else thinks.  I’ve had a few comments but short of that I feel like I’m typing these words to a bunch of strangers.  So if your out there leave me a note to say hi.  If your just reading these for comfort thats ok too.  Keep on reading.


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Oddly enough the arrival of my period today, as painful as it is, made me feel better today.  It’s nice to know at least my bodys working down there.  But at the same time, the horrible, I can’t even sit up cramps I get and the huge clots and heavy bleeding I always get make me wonder if it’s a sign of something worse.  I’m trying hard not to think that way.

On an upside, this morning while I was dropping our son off at school, I was talking to another mother, well grandmother, who told me that her daughter JUST went thru the EXACT same thing.  I started to tell her about HPV and then she told me abotu her daughter and it was like listening to her talk about me.  her daughter had the LEEP done in the end of November and they are almost positive they got all the precancerous cells.  which made me feel sooooooo better.  She was in the same stage as me and everything was similar, the ONLY difference is that her daughter knew about the HPV for a while now and she stayed stage one for a long time and then one day popped up as stage two during a check up pap smear.  but I don’t want to think more of it because if I would of had my pap on time I probably would of known sooner too.

So despite this horrible pain I’m in, today is a good day.  I feel AWESOME!

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Update (warning possible TMI lol)

Ok lets see.  I got my coloposcy results.  And although it’s not cancer yet it’s not going away either.  So they are going to have to perform a LEEP. The actual diagnosis is: Moderate Dysplasia (CIN II, HGSIL).  I will post links to all of this by tomorrow night, I promise.  It pretty much means they found precancerous cells and I’m at a stage they don’t want to wait with.  So they are going to take care of it on their own and just get rid of the bad cells.  My pre-op appointment is on January 9th, it should be interesting since they could hardly reach my cervix for the coloposcy, I’m anxious to see how they reach it for this.

It took me a while to post this and I’m sorry but I had to cry it out and read up on it before I felt comfortable posting about it.  The yahoo groups I belong to are awesome.  I found some of my best support (besides my partner, more on that in a second) a person could find anywhere for this.  they are knowledgeable and full of information including experiences.

Now as far as my partner goes,she is soo awesome.  For the past two days we have been having the most amazing sex.  I’m not talking about a roll in the hay, I mean football stadium advertising good. She always manages to do this at the right time.  We’ve experienced things in the past few days we haven’t experienced in the whole time we’ve been together.  And it’s been beautiful, wonderful and soo emotional.  I love this woman and I couldn’t imagine life any other way.   I couldn’t imagine going thru this with anyone else.  She lifts me up when I’m down and brings me to my senses when I am high.  When the doctor called and I broke down and cried, she immediately asked me why I was crying and she got stern with me and explained to me that instead of crying I should be jumping for joy, and she listed all the reasons why.  Like how I’m lucky they caught this now, and how it’s not cancer yet, and how I won’t die from this.  But she said one thing that hasn’t let me get down about this.  Even though I want to have another baby, should this turn into something that will prevent me, she will be my spare parts.  i wish I could explain why this means so much.  But I guess you would have to know her.

I have to run for now, mommy duties do call, but I’ll be back with links, I promise.

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Aggressive pre-cancerous cells

Thats what I was just told.  The doctor just called with my results from the coloposcy.  I knew it was bad as soon as I saw the number on the caller id.  I just had it done a week ago, it’s too early for results.  She said, “I’m soo sorry, I was hoping for better news, but we found aggressive pre-cancerous cells.  You have to have the leep as soon as possible.”  They don’t see “cancer” but what they do see is bad.  I’ve looked it up, but…. still….

I’ll write more later, I’m a bit pissed, and upset, and a tiny bit confused.

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I’m happy.  Today is an awesome day and it just started.  I’ll have more to post later, I just wanted to tell the world I am happy today.  🙂  It feels good 🙂

I feel like a little school girl with her first crush.

The sun is shining and it makes me forget how darn cold it is outside.

Smile!  🙂

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I love advice

Especially from those without a care in the world.  I love when I tell people about whats going on and all they can say is “just don’t don’t think about it” or “put it out of your mind because theres nothing you can do about it” or better yet “It’s not a big deal, so what it they end up having to remove your uterus at least it’ll be gone”….


Number one, you try not to think about it for even a day.  Try not to think about the fact that should my marriage ever fail and I do date again, NOONE will touch me.  Who would want to and could you blame them?  I’m lucky I have my partner.  I’m lucky she has touched me.  I’m lucky we’ve had sex since the diagnosis (even if it was once) Most people here HPV and then run.  I think mostly because they don’t understand it, all they hear is STD.  This is a common issue on my support boards.  Rejection is a bitch.

Number two, Yeah there are things I can do about it, for starters i could make my life a little healthier, I could stop smoking, I could take better care of myself.  And by catching it early I now have the opportunity to catch cancer faster IF my body doesn’t fight it off first.

Number three.  Ya know, the other day I was sitting around thinking how cool it would be to have a hysterectomy.  It sounded like a good time and I can’t wait to call my doctor and schedule mys surgery.  Cancers fun too, the chance of is spreading.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  Damnit though, if this does get that far it could take forever, and my body still has a decent shot of taking care of business on it’s own.   Thats a shame though because nothing beats early menopause and no more kids.  I mean I’m only 27, who would want that shit anyway.

People can be sooo damn aggravating sometimes.

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I’m trying to figure out how I can make this more predominant on my page but for now here goes:


Now back to your regularly scheduled program……..

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Sometimes things left unsaid aren’t always the best

Well lets see, how is my day going.  I have 2 very important posts in the process besides this one.  I think I might want to space them out though, this way when I do have an ehh kind of day I will be able to post something for you guys.  One is on a Medical warning which I will be posting imediatly and the other is on love.

My partner called to let me know she gets out early.  🙂  That means I get to spend some time with her.  One thing I love
about us is that she seems to sense when I’m feeling blue.  I never keep it from her.  On the days she doesn’t seem to sense it
I have to make sure she knows.  And no matter what I learned I need to talk to her more abotu what it is exactly thats bothering me.  This is something I used to be great at, but because of other things going on I kind of hid from in a sense.  Communication is soo important.  it’s probably my best advice for anyone.  If you remember reading in the begining in my intro I had said the “phone call” came when  I was busy mending my sick partner and our marriage.  Without getting into details, because there are things I would like to keep private, a big part of the problem we were having was me expecting her to be a mind reader and to instantly know my feelings and how to fix them.  HPV has cured that.  So today she definatly seems to see it.  Her voice seems to be softer, the I love you’s seem to roll off her tounge like honey, she manages to know exactly what to say to make me feel better.  It’s almost like she has a wire to my brain and she knows what it is I’m upset about.

She makes dealing with HPV bearable and livable.  She constantly reminds me that we can get the test results and it could be gone,
but at the same time she understands why I’m scared because she is too.

So if your going thru this or anything similar, I beg, urge, and plead for you to find someone like this.  I’m not saying you need to find a romantic
involvement, that would be wrong on soo many levels.  But please look around you.  There has to be someone who loves you and who you love enough
to be there for you in this fashion.  Your mother, father, cousin, friend, sibling, online buddy, somone is willing to lend an ear.  And if by some
chance you can’t find that, find an online or face to face support group.  Yahoo has plenty I’m a member to a bunch.  Shoot if you need some type
of direction, email me.  Leave a comment.  Just don’t go thru this alone.

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Feelings can be a bitch

Love makes a family

For an average person days are filled with ups and downs.  For me sometimes those days are filled with extremes.  There are many factors that contribute to this.  For one I’m bipolar, so normal highs and lows can be extreme at times.  It also means when presented with information like HPV I can sometimes be a bit, oh I can’t grab the word, extra (?) about the situation.  This can be a good or bad thing.  In this case, so far it seems good.  I’m also a Virgo (on the cusp of Leo), now depending on what you believe (and I strongly believe in signs) where my sign lands leaves me in a constant emotional rollercoaster.  I can be extra sentimental, something my partner has learned to cope with.  Sometimes though it can be tough for her.  I give her alot of credit
though.  I know I can be difficult, even overwhelming at times.  And lately This past week most of all, I can feel the tension building up.  Although I know there are outside influences, I blame HPV for this.  Between the horrible Pap smear she had to go thru, the emotions that we had to deal with because of my coloposcy was a bit overwhelming.  And our sex life seems to be put on hold.  She of course says she’s going thru a slump, and thats ok, but at times like this all I can think about is HPV.  I get paranoid, is that why she’s not touching me?  Is that why we can’t make love?  How could I blame her? And so I sit here and try not to think about it.  I try to only think of the positive.   I remind myself that she loves me and that we are married
(we are domestic partners, it’s all the state would allow).  I remind myself that we have a family and a bond that can
not be broken no matter who or what interferes.  But it still doesn’t take away that need to be touched, and caressed.  To be held and loved.  To be fondeled and to played with.  I miss that and I want it.  We made sure we have protection.  We have what I like to call Lesbian condoms (or rubber gloves and dental dams for all you straight people out there), So sometimes I wonder if that could be whats stopping us.  We went years with no protection, even last week.  And so to have to use them can be a little intimidating.  They make it a constant reminder of what we’re going thru.  I know a little over a week ago I wrote how we had made some of the most amazing love, I want that again.  But I don’t want to pressure her.  I’m trying to let it come when it will.  DAMN this HPV.  Why can’t I just be normal, have a normal sex life, and a normal love life.

So I guess today I’m feeling a bit fustrated, a bit sad, horney, but mostly a bit needy.  I would pick today of all days too.  She works today from
11am until 11pm.  So she left this morning at 10am ( I hope she’s not late for work) and I won’t see her until after midnight.  You guys might hear
alot from me today.  Besides taking care of our son, I need to find something to do with all of these emotions.  And that is one things blogs are good for.

P.S.  Sorry for the sad post this morning.

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Sorry for the distance


Now that I’m starting to get regular readers I guess I should start posting regularly.  But thats the thing with HPV, there are no symptoms with my strain.  So I can’t pop on here and say “Today was a good day no {inster symptom here}”.  Which leaves me with my feelings.  Feelings can be soo hard to seperate.  I have my good days and my bad days.  Today I contemplated calling all of the people I’ve ever had sex with.  Just to tell them they might want to get tested.  But then again, what is calling them going to accomplish?  Besides digging up old graves and communicating with people who are better left alone.  HPV is soooo common that most of them could have it and not of gotten it from me.  I’m kind of torn about it.  What would be the responible thing to do?  I’m not sure, but I definatly don’t think I will be making those phone calls.  I mean it’s HPV, not AIDS, is that wrong of me?  Yes AIDS is worse than HPV but does HPV warrent the same protocol?  Would I want the phone call to get checked?  It’s not like something you go to the doctors to get checked for.  When my partner went for her pap, they stressed to her that unless there are abnormal cells they don’t test for it.

And then there’s regular day to day crap.  It’s really hard to seperate the feelings I have with my partner and family from HPV. I want this to be somewhere people can be comforted, informed and find support.   Not somewhere I end up venting
my daily fustrations too.
So somedays I may be quieter than others.   Mostly thought thats because I may be going thru something totally unrelated and i dont want it to bleed into this blog.

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Did you know you could grab a cervix?

Yeah either did I.

So we went for our testig today.  First let me tell you how at my OB’s office we are somewhat famous.  It’s kinda cute.  They all know us and they all know we’re a couple.  So when I made this appointment I made my partners imedietly after mine so that we could hold each others hands.  And the doctors office not only did that but they treated us like we mattered.  They knew we were scared and so they made sure we were taken care of.

We did my coloposcy first.  This is not for pussies.  There are three things you need when going for you coloposcy, 1.  rainbow toe socks (I wore mine and it eased the tension, mine at least, plus made the doc laugh 🙂  ), 2.  a full bladder (the need a sample, noone told me this so I peed before i left the house, mommy manners, and of course I couldn’t even get a drop out), 3.  some gulible persons hand (see below).

If I wasn’t given the gift of a tilted uterus I’m sure this would of been sooo much easier.  But since my uterus and cerivx like to hide, my doctor had to “grab” it and “pull” it closer.  Oh my god.  I never thought I would experience childbirth without the reward at the end. My poor partner had the life squeezed out of her hand.   She was awesome though.  And then my woderful, loving doctor says, I’m going to have to take the sample.  And she tells me it’s going to hurt and she’s sorry and that she will let me know before the “punch”.  I  thought I was going to die.  After all is said and done, it really doesn’t hurt too bad.  A bit of cramping and a bit sore, but ok.  The doctor came back to the room to say my cells were still abnormal so we should have results in a few weeks, I have my result appointment on January 8th.

My partners pap was next.  This poor thing.  For most woman a pap smear is simple, a bit uncomfortable, but doable on your lunch break even.  Not for my baby.  She doesn’t get penetrated and when she does I have to under extreme caution.  She has a very narrow opening and a very small vagina.  Fingers can hurt if done the wrong way.   She tried wiggiling off the table and runinng away, but again my doctor is awesome. She body tackled her and wrestled her to the table, ok not really but she sure as hell got the job done.  Poor thing has been sore since.

I guess thats all, Our day since then has been uneventful, thank god.
Time to make dinner.  🙂

For anyone reading this looking to see what their coloposcy is going to entail, The procedure itself isn’t bad.  It was that bad for me because my uterus is tilted. My cervix was out of reach.  Until she grabbed my cervix the procedure was at the most uncomfortable.

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If only this memory could fade

Fail to notice

So the days grow quieter.  We have longer and longer moments when it’s not mentioned.  Its never forgotten though. It’s kind of like knowing the person sitting next to you is wearing a red shit.  You know they are, they know they are, and your pretty sure everyone around you knows
too.  So we don’t talk about it.  Not in a bad way, but in a silent protest as to not let it get to us.  When the words are spoken though we crumble. We tear up and sometimes let those tears wash our face.  We get angry at how we’re not just a number, a percentage, a guestimate.  Even if this goes away on it’s own, we will forever have been and will be just a number.  That hurts.  I hate being a number.  We’re a statistic.

Tomorrow’s the big day, well sort of anyway.  Tomorrow I go for the coloposcy and my partner goes for her annual pap plus vaccination (her first shot in a set of 3).  She gets to be vaccinated.  She’s only 23.  I’m 27, I miss the cut off by one year.  The vaccination won’t “cure” her if she has it.  It will prevent her from getting it if she hasn’t gotten it already.  It will also prevent her from getting it i the future.  I’m soo happy about that.  At least that makes me feel better.  So in about 2 weeks we should have results.  Which means the next two weeks are going to be soo critical.  Thats the scary part.  Knowing that you are waiting for a phone call that will either release all of your stress and worries or crash your world.  So my next update will come tomorrow after my sore ass comes home and crashes, because you know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.  🙂 see ya’ll tomorrow.

By the way.  my visitor status is starting to really climb.  That makes me feel good.  It lets me know that what I’m writing is reaching people.  And that hopefully in those numbers it will mean that maybe one person was helped.  That’s all I want.  Is to be able to help at least one person.

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Friends, not always a big help

Friends can be a big help.  They can lend a shoulder to cry on.  Sometimes a voice of reason.
And in some cases they might even have a story to share of their own.

Sometimes the total opposite can happen.  In a simple phone call of looking for Someone who was able to tell me their story the word got out.  Now something that is/was very private for me and my partner has turned into local gossip.  Just when our marriage was coming back alive we got met with critizism, lies, anger and confusion.

I have kept my journey as private as I could while at the same time sharing the most intimate part of my life with the world.  You know about me
and my family but you dont know our names, where we live or who
we are.  The closest inkling of an idea is the web address.  And even that
may/may not be real.   Noone I know reads this or even has the ability
to read this, except for my mother and father who I have no problem
sharig this with.  So to have people talking about me and what is going on
in my personal life hurts.  I just want my privacy.  Oddly enough I have all
the privacy I need on a public blog.  Weird how that works.

So today was a bad day emotionally.  The reality of me having to watch who
I talk to and about what hit home hard.  But IN aspects of love, family and outlook,
today was good.

How was your day?

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Some more links for you

For some more reading and more support try this page:
it was sent to me via a comment and I’m checing it out now.  So far it seems to
be extremly helpful and informative.  Youll also find others like me on there.  Let me know how you like it

For some even more reading with some technical jargon but tons of info check out:

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My risk factors

This was sooo a subject I was trying to avoid.  I didn’t want to go here.  I didn’t want the lectures or the stats thrown at me but here goes.  I promised I would be open and honest.  I want to be able to look at my blog a year from now and know that by me being completly honest helped someone.  Even if it was one person.

I smoke, I smoke a half a pack to a full pack a day.  I do this because I’m addicted
and because I’m stressed (more about that in a second). And to be honest smoking has actually helped soooooo much.  But in the long run that will kill me.

I am stressed.  So stressed and that hinders your body from fighting this off and
can cause flare ups.  The stress
I’ve been under for the past month is unbearable.  I don’t want to drag my other problems into this
blog so I haven’t posted my other
life issues on here.
Just know that I’m super stressed.  If you read my phone call
blog you’ll read that my marriage was on the mend.
That alone has cause severe panic attacks.  I need to be calm and it’s soo hard. Smoking helps with this.  But
smoking like I stated above can do more harm sometimes than good.  Right now I’m searching for ways to
handle stress without smoking.  Have any ideas?  Feel free to share.

So those along with things like my diet is horrible, I’m overweight, cancer runs in my family at points
(not cervical but other forms) All those things scare me.

Ok so I know thelectures are coming.  Quit smoking meditate.  Eat better.
Yeah I know, I know.  I’m tryin guys.

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Awesome help in reading Pap results

When I went to the OB on Monday I asked for a copy of my test results.  I want to see them. I want to hold them and look at them.  It makes me feel more in control and not so in the dark.   But reading them can be hard.  Check out this site.  It really lists what I needed to know.  You can google terms not on here.  If you find a more detailed or better site let me know.  I copy and pasted what I found below and the link is on top.

Abnormal Pap Smears — Reading Your Results

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Sometimes two heads are better than one

One thing that has been a constant discussion in my household is whether or not my partner (who is only 23) wants a hysterectomy.  She is very butch and hates getting her period (for more reasons than the obvious).  Plus she never wanted to birth her children.  I have always been against it.  And my main argument was “what if I get cancer and can’t have anymore kids?”  Even with that she said she wanted it.  Then I got HPV and the reasoning’s to keep her uterus became so clear all of the sudden.  Ok I’m not setting myself up for cancer, but Lets just say that was to happen.  Would I be able to carry a baby, possibly if they catch it early enough but most likely not.  but she can and will carry.  We’ve talked about it alot since the “phone call”.  I do know the thought of childbirth still makes her squeamish, but she would do it for me.  I would still pump and prepare my breasts for breastfeeding if possible so I can nurse.  If I couldn’t nurse she would pump so the baby would get breast-milk.  That’s also a big important thing for her.  Breastfeeding.  I breastfed for 2.5 years with my son.  She knows how important it is to me.

Sometimes I wonder if she’s following a script of what to say and do because so far she has been soo amazing.

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It’s impossible to feel sorry for myself

I guess when it boils down to it, life’s not so bad.  So I have HPV (wow thats hard to type some days), but medicine has advanced so far that I will be ok.  In the long run anyway, physically anyway.  I should be.  Thats what the doctors say.  Everythig I read says different.  But I am trying not to think about that part.

But then I joined these support groups online.  They’ve been a big help because
there are very knowledgible people on them.  You can ask any amount of questions
and have them answered.  But then there’s the posts from the people whos
homelife and support system are nothing compared to mine.  I feel soo bad for them.
I want to hug them and hold them and tell them it’ll be alright.  It’s not fair to go
thru this alone.  Thank god for my partner, I don’t know what I would do without her.

I guess sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Everywhere you turn your stepping into crap
and you can’e escape the smell of it.  I jsut wish I could clean all that shit up for
everyone.  I hate seeing people hurt.

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Sometimes the most ugly things can be beautiful

I didn’t intend to get as personal as I’m about to get.  But HPV is personal.  And the way you transmitt this monster is just as personal.  So my need to share something this intamate is unavoidable. be forwarned of TMI.

Last night for the first time since the “phone call” my partner and I had sex.  No I take that back, we made love.  it was probably some of the most meaningful love we have ever made.  I was scared and nervous.  I was scared we would start and she would ask to stop.  I was scared to not feel her against me.  I needed her more last night than I ever have.  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  She knew just how to touch me.  Just how to love me. Everthing that has been running through my mind disapeared for an hour.  She made me feel sooo wonderful.  I never thought she would want to touch me again.  She made me feel human again.  Alive, like a breath of fresh air.  She reminded me just how much we meant to each other.

There is a sex life after HPV!

I haven’t felt this ok with myself in a week.  When we were done we talked and she held me.  I made her read this blog.  She told me how she has my back and how yes she was scared but why should a phone call about something I had no control over change how much she loves me or wants me.  It was like someone told her exactly what to say and do.  I could never place a price tag on how she made me feel.

I hope that whoever is reading this has a support or a spouse like this.  And if you don’t please know that when you find true love, someone who loves you for all that you bring to the table, HPV will not be a big deal.  Don’t be scared to tell them about HPV or your feelings about it.   And if your with someone who can’t treat you the way I’ve been treated FORGET them.  She showed me just how strong our love was.  THAT is why I married her.  THAT is why I agreed to sign those papers.  If I wasn’t able to share my feelings with her and know that she coudn’t tell me how she felt about it, those papers would mean NOTHING.

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Today was hard

It’s been on my mind all day.  I can’t seem to try and forget it.  I look at women we pass on the street and in the store, I look at friends we have, and all I can think is any one of these woman could be clean.  So why me?  I know alot of people have it, but why do I have to be included.  Why did I have to put my partner at risk.  She is the most amazing woman I have ever met.  And I could of unknowingly hurt her.  I’m sitting across the table looking at her now.  She has done nothing but hold me up and make me feel amazing.  I want to cry.  I want to ball myself up and just cry until the tears stop.  But I can’t.  I need to be strong.  I need to show my family how I can be strong and pull through this.  But it’s soo hard to do that.  I have so many other things on my mind and this is just a cloud that my mind can’t escape.  I look at her and I want to curl up in her arms.  Do
these feelings ever go away?

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