Friends, not always a big help

Friends can be a big help.  They can lend a shoulder to cry on.  Sometimes a voice of reason.
And in some cases they might even have a story to share of their own.

Sometimes the total opposite can happen.  In a simple phone call of looking for Someone who was able to tell me their story the word got out.  Now something that is/was very private for me and my partner has turned into local gossip.  Just when our marriage was coming back alive we got met with critizism, lies, anger and confusion.

I have kept my journey as private as I could while at the same time sharing the most intimate part of my life with the world.  You know about me
and my family but you dont know our names, where we live or who
we are.  The closest inkling of an idea is the web address.  And even that
may/may not be real.   Noone I know reads this or even has the ability
to read this, except for my mother and father who I have no problem
sharig this with.  So to have people talking about me and what is going on
in my personal life hurts.  I just want my privacy.  Oddly enough I have all
the privacy I need on a public blog.  Weird how that works.

So today was a bad day emotionally.  The reality of me having to watch who
I talk to and about what hit home hard.  But IN aspects of love, family and outlook,
today was good.

How was your day?


December 8, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Feelings, HPV, Love.

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