Lost somewhere in cyberspace

I am sooooo sorry I haven’t been updating.  I lost my internet connection and was just able to grab a wireless signal from outside.

Alot has happened.  First off My LEEp will be done on 1/22/08 at 12pm.  So hopefully I’ll have my internet back and I’ll be able to tell all about it.
Second.  I hae offically learned the worst part of this damn thing and that is the waiting.
I hate waiting for the results.  Even though sometimes it’s only one week.  It sends me
into an emotional hyper drive.  My poor partner.  I keep having these horible thoughts
about how I’m damaged goods and how could she want to be with me and she is sticking
it out like a damn trooper. She manages to make me feel special everyday.  I love her for
it.  Sex has changed but it hasn’t gotten any less.  She has a fear of hurting me if she puts
her fingers inside of me, she although she still does it is something done only once in a while.
the upside to this is it has alowwed us to explore other sexual areas.

If your still reading and I hope you are.  Thank you, it means alot.  Hang in there
I won’t be gone for too much longer.


January 12, 2008. Tags: , , , , . coping, Doc Appointments, Feelings, HPV, lesbian, Love, sex, Test Results.

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