I’m cool and getting better

Now if only I could have sex.  I miss that soo much, but in due time.  The infection is gone.  Just in time of course to get the flu.  But even thats going away.  The emotional scars hurt.  I know that sometime it sounds on here like all I dooo is bitch and moan but letting it all out on here saves my family an ear full.  plus it lets others know its ok to feel this way.

It feels weird actually.  I know my body pretty well.  I’ve always known I was pregnant well before a stick could tell me.  So I can tell something is different.  It even feels different down there.  But it definatly feels better than it did.  As a matter of fact.  My partner and I were just saying how about 2 years ago I had said “Do you ever wonder if sometimes you might have cancer and they’re just not catching it?”  I had always thought something was wrong with me but that there was no way to tell.  I wonder if this was it?


February 4, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Sarah replied:

    hey, i had a quick look through your blog. I went through a similar journey Oct/Nov/Dec time and have only just started feeling “normal”. Initially suspected of having microinvasive cancer, they later confirmed only CIN3 (only ha!!). I just wondered if you might be interested in the Jo’s Trust website. It’s a charity dedicated to cc and pre-cancer and is an amazing support. There’s loads of advice on there and the women on the forum are very caring and understanding.

    Good luck with making a full recovery!

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