Test results

I just got back from the doctors.  They upgraded the Displaysia to CINIII which was scary BUT they got everything.  So it’s gone.  I still have and will have HPV.  I go for my next pap in 6 months.  I feel alot better.  I mean it’s scary to know I was that close.  And it’s scary to think it might come back.  It’s scary to not know how it will come back if it does.  But thats sooo far into the future.  Right now I’m ok, and for me thats all that matters.  I’m no going o stop blogging.  I will keep blogging news I read and any more info I can possibly dig up.  But for now, thank you soo much for reading all of my posts and giving as much feedback as you have.  🙂


February 13, 2008. Tags: , , , . Doc Appointments, Feelings, HPV, news, Test Results.


  1. KD replied:

    Yay! I am so happy for you that they got everything! That is the best news I have heard all day…and I was crying when I read it. Incredible how much the Internet can bring strangers together, isn’t it? Don’t be scared…celebrate your good news and just do whatever you can to boost your immune system to improve the chances that it won’t come back. I am so happy for you!!!

  2. A replied:

    Thank you. So much. As much as it kills me to read this, it’s helping so much, too. I was diagnosed with high risk HPV at the age of 18. I was told that since I was young and in all other aspects healthy, it would probably go away. Statistics were on my side.

    A little over a year has passed since then, and I got re-tested about two months ago. I still tested positive. I’ve gone through every single emotion that you’ve written about on this blog at some point in time. I too have that family history of cancer. I have that moral dilemma of whether I should be telling my past encounters or if since it’s so common and in most cases goes away, whether I just shouldn’t stress them with it? I, too, just wish that somebody could take some positivity from my experiences. Learn a lesson from my mistakes. I’ve found myself in tears fearing the consequences that this may have if I come to the point in life that I want to get pregnant. I am 19. I just feel too young to be able to think about that as seriously as it needs to be thought of.

    I just wish I was as brave about this as you are. And I wish I had somebody in my life as supportive as your partner. My best wishes go out to you, your marriage, and your son. That is a beautiful thing.

    Thank you. It takes a lot of courage to put things this personal out into public, even under an anonymous guise. But it is deeply appreciated.

  3. me replied:

    To A… about u wanting to have kids well I too have hpv and I have two beautiful kids a boy and a girl who are perfectly fine…. one thing I’ve learned is that u have to let ur doctor know everything… becuz before I can give birth and I gave birth vaginal both time my doctor made sure I had the right amount of antibiotics in me before giving birth and I’m so thankful…. try u best not to stress and take all precautions to your health… I’ve had this for 4yrs now and haven’t had any outbreaks since my very first treatment.. and me and my husband whom I got it from at the age of 19 we are still together… there is hope.. not sayin that the thought sometimes doesn’t get me down but this is life now and we live through it wit every new day…

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