Sorry it’s been a while

I’ve been stuck on what to write.

I still have HPV.  I still am scared of what the future brings.  I still feel dirty about it all. I still ponder over who gave it to who and who it could of been passed too.  I am terrified of my pap in August.  I still have soo many questions unanswered.

So when it comes to writing on here I haven’t been sure what would be appropriate and what I could actually get out onto a screen.  Sometimes my feelings and words are so constrewed that I cant even get them out of my mouth let alone type them. Although sometimes typing is easier.  But for these things they’re not. I do have a nice little post about why today is soo special, that will be next.

I just wanted to let yall know I’m alive and well.



February 27, 2008. Tags: , , , . coping, Feelings, HPV.


  1. Ruby replied:

    Glad you’re doing OK.

  2. nataly replied:

    hey my im is catrgl15 i iust found out i have hpv today and all i can think about is how dirty i feel im pretty young and im scared when i find someone i like and wanna have sex with they wont want me beacuse i have hpv and can give it to them….. reading some of your posts have provided some comfort for me thanks i feel we share alot of the same feelings id love to talk and i promise im not a creeper im me sometime if you want

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