It’s like the night before christmas


and all through the house, it was calm, and it was quiet and everything seems normal.



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People talk too much

I don’t really care too much that people know I have HPV.  but at the same time I don’t want it published in a newspaper.  Know what I

So today while talking to an old friend, I found out that someone who by chance found out about it has been telling everyone we
both know.

I feel hurt, like I’ve been violated.  And I’m left wondering if I should feel this way.   I tell peole about it because I want women to be informed and to possibly lend a caring shoulder.  I also tell people so that the women who haven’t gotten a pap recently can and will have a reason too.  But I think it’s fair for ME to be able to choose who I want to tell that I have it.  Am I wrong?

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