What to do while you wait

Oddly enough when I check my stats for this blog I get alot search result links for “what to do while you wait for HPV results”.  So I thought maybe a list would help us.  I know I’ve been havin the occasional anxiety attack about what’s next.  I’m teriffied about my next pap and the wait to see if the HPV is still active or worse yet, what if they find something abnormal again?

I am also starting a blog with stricly links, I want to organize them and eventually start my own website.  So if you have any ideas, let me know.  Also if you know of any cheap hosts let me know too.

Here goe’s feel free to add to it:

find a new computer game
go to the movies
have a girls night, and make sure your the one who plans it
start a new project and make sure you finish it
join a cooking class, most Shoprites and other grocers have them
join a book club
look for support groups online, a great place is meetup.com
(for local support groups) and groups.yahoo.com (for online support)
join secondlife.com (trust me this will consume you)
read some blogs 🙂
start a blog (invite me to read 🙂 )


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  1. amanda replied:

    explore some music and find a new artist you’ve never heard of and really give their music a good listen. It can be a great release if you find some music you like, and it’s always nice to expand your horizons.

    and now I’m blank. That’s all I got. Nice idea though.

  2. engineergurl replied:

    I just had my first colposcopy and 3 biopsies done yesterday. It was the most physically painful experiance I’ve ever had in my life. I was screaming and crying and all the nurse told me to do was breath and relax. How can you breath and relax when it feels like someone is stabbing your insides?? I was given nothing for the pain and I fainted afterwards and felt really sick. I had no idea it was gonna hurt so much. He said he found a lesion and I’ll find out in 10 days if I need a LEEP. Now the physical pain has converted over to emotional pain. I feel so hurt, so violated. I can’t even look at my boyfriend, I won’t let anyone touch me, and I have bouts of crying on any given moment. Why did this have to happen to me? Why am I the one being punished and tortured? I’m a good, moral person, now all I feel like is a big slut. I’m so scarred that the LEEP is going to hurt more than the biopsy, I don’t think I can handle that much pain. I guess I just needed to get these feelings out there to someone who understands, because I don’t know what to do with myself right now, I’m so ashamed.

  3. julie replied:

    I went to the doc for a pap, which i haven’t done in three years!! I don’t know why, but i just felt like my pap results were going to be abnormal, which they were. I am soooooooooooooooo scared!! My doc said he thinks it’s HPV. I look on the internet about this and it seems like a really common thing. I am 33, happily married, with 2 kids. I am freaking out about everything. Did the Doc say your cervix was “friable” when you found you had it?????

  4. gracie replied:

    This blog is very encouraging to those of us who suffer from HPV. I have just started using a product called Papillex for HPV ( i was diagnosed with VIN on a bad pap). Have you heard anything about it?

  5. melissa replied:

    hi i am 19 yrs old…and my doctor had told me i was hpv positive nothing more i really didnt ask any questions i was just so scared…i found out wen i was 17 going on 18 abnout 2 yrs already…i was so afraid i never went back…but wen i did 6 months ago for someother reason my doc bought it back up and said she wanted to test it again…she said wen she had gotten the result she will call me if i was still positive but never did….i havent called her or went back and now i think about it ok did i miss her call??am i still positive??is it worst??im just so scared i dont have the strength to go get checked! someone please inspire me to go get checked! give me strength…</3 i have a 3 yr old daughter and i wouldnt noe wat to do if i do have it still and wats going to happen! 😦

    • joi replied:

      Read my blog. You’ll find tons of stats and experience. But whatever you do, call your dr. Get your results. At the very least it will be a load off your shoulders. In most cases we fight HPV on our own without even knowing it. It’s rare that it manifests into more but it does happen. Good luck! You’ll be in my thoughts 🙂

  6. Alex replied:

    This is the worst part about HPV. I was diagnosed in December, had my colpo and it came back CIN-I. I’m only 22 so my doctor told me to wait a year, and it has been so stressful ever since. I’ve been very stressed all year, and keep thinking my fatigue has something to do with the progression of the HPV. I’m considering scheduling another gyno appointment just to ease my mind.

    It’s just so hard to stop thinking about. I find myself getting depressed and anxious every once and a while, and all of my activities seem to fall by the wayside.

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