First I thought it might be nice for you to know about me.  After all you did find my page and by the way you found it I bet we have something very important in common.

I am 27.  I’m kinda stuck at that adult but begging to be a youngin stage.  Not thirty but it is sure as hell approaching faster than I thought it would.   I have an amazing son.  He is five years old.  I never knew such a tiny thing could make every breath I take worth it.  Everyday, good or bad, he manages to show me just why waking up was worth it.  I’m married.  This to me is one of life’s greatest accomplishments.  It’s something I vowed I would never do.  But then I met this amazing woman.  She swept me off my feet from day one and I havent hit the ground yet.  Without her life would be unbearable.  I guess that means that you figured out I’m a lesbian.  Yeah.  And I love it.  Our son hasn’t seen his “sperm donor” in about 4 years.  And for the past three my partner has been there for every scraped knee, and accomplishment along the way.  She is called Daddy and is done so in the most loving way possible.  She embraces the word Daddy and fulfills every bit of meaning.

I am a stay at home mom.  This is sooo important to me.  It means I don’t miss the years that many parents wish they paid more attention too.  I am a room mom and go on field trips and participate in class parties.  Our son LOVES this.  it’s some of the best time we have spent together.

But I’ll cut to the chase.  The reason you found this blog, three days ago (11/28/2007) at 2:22pm eastern standard time, my OBGYN called me to discuss some abnormal cells found on my pap smear.
I have been diagnosed with HPV.  I’ve only heard of the vaccine.  I have no idea what this monster is.  This blog and what you will be reading is my journey through this.  This, with the help of my family and friends is the only way I’m going to make it.  Even if it ends up being a fleeting moment of my life that goes away as quickly as it came, Someone out there will read this, and they too will know that they are not the only ones who cried after they hung up the phone.  If I can bring that comfort to just one person.  Every word I type is worth it.



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