Talking can sometimes be too much

 Sometimes it can be too little.



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Aggressive pre-cancerous cells

Thats what I was just told.  The doctor just called with my results from the coloposcy.  I knew it was bad as soon as I saw the number on the caller id.  I just had it done a week ago, it’s too early for results.  She said, “I’m soo sorry, I was hoping for better news, but we found aggressive pre-cancerous cells.  You have to have the leep as soon as possible.”  They don’t see “cancer” but what they do see is bad.  I’ve looked it up, but…. still….

I’ll write more later, I’m a bit pissed, and upset, and a tiny bit confused.

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My risk factors

This was sooo a subject I was trying to avoid.  I didn’t want to go here.  I didn’t want the lectures or the stats thrown at me but here goes.  I promised I would be open and honest.  I want to be able to look at my blog a year from now and know that by me being completly honest helped someone.  Even if it was one person.

I smoke, I smoke a half a pack to a full pack a day.  I do this because I’m addicted
and because I’m stressed (more about that in a second). And to be honest smoking has actually helped soooooo much.  But in the long run that will kill me.

I am stressed.  So stressed and that hinders your body from fighting this off and
can cause flare ups.  The stress
I’ve been under for the past month is unbearable.  I don’t want to drag my other problems into this
blog so I haven’t posted my other
life issues on here.
Just know that I’m super stressed.  If you read my phone call
blog you’ll read that my marriage was on the mend.
That alone has cause severe panic attacks.  I need to be calm and it’s soo hard. Smoking helps with this.  But
smoking like I stated above can do more harm sometimes than good.  Right now I’m searching for ways to
handle stress without smoking.  Have any ideas?  Feel free to share.

So those along with things like my diet is horrible, I’m overweight, cancer runs in my family at points
(not cervical but other forms) All those things scare me.

Ok so I know thelectures are coming.  Quit smoking meditate.  Eat better.
Yeah I know, I know.  I’m tryin guys.

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Awesome help in reading Pap results

When I went to the OB on Monday I asked for a copy of my test results.  I want to see them. I want to hold them and look at them.  It makes me feel more in control and not so in the dark.   But reading them can be hard.  Check out this site.  It really lists what I needed to know.  You can google terms not on here.  If you find a more detailed or better site let me know.  I copy and pasted what I found below and the link is on top.

Abnormal Pap Smears — Reading Your Results

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