Putting it off.

Not too much going on lately.  Things have been pretty quiet.  I had my period a week ago and it was my most painful one yet since my leep, that kind of scares me.  I’ve been putting off calling my Ob to schedule my pap, I’m almost due.  i really should call.  I’m scared.  I keep getting told that the percentage of women who “replapse” or show more Dysplasia is small, but so far, thru this whole thing I’ve been in that small percentage.  For once I want to be in that big percentage.  I’m crossing my fingers.  I guess I’ll make the call today.  I have too.  It’s getting late.


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Doctors appointment

I went to the OB today.  It was for an unrealated appointment.  On top of the HPV I have a slight incontinece from childbirth, and I developed a rash from the pads I’ve been using.  So she just checked it and gave me some cream.  I also took the time to badger her with questions.  She explained the stages and the percentages of clearing.  It seemed pretty to the point and made me feel a bit better.  I wont feel completly better though until i have those test results of how far it’s advanced.

I also scored my pap test results.  I definatly have a high risk strain. Which is ok because I probably won’t get any warts but it fucken sucks becasue it means I could get cancer.  That sounds sooo childish I know but for me warts on top of this is like the icing on the cake.  Would I prefer them to cancer hell yes, but if I have to be high risk at least i know my shit will look and feel ok.

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